Monday, April 30, 2012

Darlington Park

Well, we finally set off for our first week of travelling(Monday 23/4/12 to Monday 30/4/12) to Darlington Park which is just the other side of Beaudesert through Kerry. It is a beautiful park , kept very clean and tidy by the on site rangers.
There is no power and no water but we wanted to try out our solar panels and see how we fared before we went on along trip. Good job we did as we had a leak and lost nearly all our water - fortunately a quick trip to my youngest daughters for a few bottles of Neverfail Springwater and back to the camp site to patch up the leak. then it rained extremely hard and we were catching buckets of water all day and so by next morning we had a full tank again. We also tried out running our generator and this worked exceptionally well and wasn't too loud. We were also able to use the microwave whilst this was working - what a plus.
The first week was finally over today and we are now down the Gold Coast at the Broadwater Caravan Park (lovely place). But the latest mishap is we broke one of the arms on the roll out awning so fortunately our friendly man at the local RV shop gave us a number to ring and said the guy would fix it for us. What a true Gent he is. Came at 5.30 tonight put a new arm on and gave Stephen a proper lesson on how to unroll and roll up your awning - nothing like the ones given by the caravan people. He is superb and didn't charge us the earth for this. He is coming back on friday to install our portable solar panel - permanently on our roof.
Will let you all know how the rest of the week progress later.