Thursday, December 13, 2012

The end of the first Journey

I know I haven't posted for a while but we have spent some time in places that we have visited before. We left Cania Gorge and went to Bargara to stay at the Absolute Ocean Front Tourist Park where some friends of ours are permanent residents. We stayed there for three and a half weeks and then carried on to Kingaroy for one night and then Killarney for one night (where we stayed at a friends place) and then onto Darlington Park (where we originally started off. We stayed there for four nights and we needed to put the annexe up so we could sit outside as the flies were atrocious for this time of year. While we were there our gas and electric water heaters decided to stop working and our outside light went on the blink, and we had something wrong with the water again as we seem to have lost some - although we don't have any leaks.We decided to go straight to my daughter's at Ormeau from there so we could get these things sorted out and do some alterations to the caravan that we want. We will be here until the end of January when the boys go back to school. We are down at Kirra beach for a week in a unit that our daughter organised for the first week of the boys school holidays and having a lovely time. We were playing Putt Putt at 8am this morning which is an improvement on the first morning as that was 7am. We have also been for a bike and scooter ride up the front and for a Gelati icecream which we promised the boys last night. They are now in the pool for an hour with Poppy while I make burgers for dinner and get the lunch ready. then I think we are going on the beach if the rain keeps off. One minute it is sunshining and the next the clouds roll in and it starts pouring down. Never mind we are all enjoying the time together. Have taken pictures of them on the beach but not downloaded them yet as they are on my phone. Will post some pics later.