Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Didn't do much for the last few days at Rocky just shopped and met some really nice people. We are now at Bargara ( the absolute Oceanfront Caravan Park). It is only a small park and often from the road looks quite full but they always make you welcome and find a spot for you. the amenities are clean and they keep the grounds tidy. I went to Aldi yesterday (first time for weeks) it was heaven. Haven't taken any pictures yet but will later in the week, we are hoping to go and see James Blundell on Sunday in a free concert here, just trying to get tickets today.Think maybe Stephen will go fishing today on the river or there is the Bundaberg show starting today too.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Gracemere Caravan Park No. 320 in the camp 5 book

Fern Tree Lookout

Rockhampton from the top of Mt Archer

Rockhampton Botanic Gardens

We arrived at Gracemere Caravan Park on Monday afternoon, it is an older park and has some permanents on it. The amenities are kept clean and tidy and there is a large pool with a water slide if you have any children although at this moment I don’t think I have seen anyone trying out the pool. Unfortunately since we arrived it has done nothing but rain but this has not deterred us from seeing the sights that we want to see.

On Tuesday we went to the Rockhampton heritage Village and spent hours walking around all the exhibits, we could go back again and see lots that we are sure we missed. The people and the volunteers that run this place were extremely friendly and we even had a ride around the area in one of the old cars that they have restored – it was an Oldsmobile. Best $8 each we have spent. Sorry no pictures as I forgot my camera.

Wednesday saw us going in to Rockhampton to buy a few items and while we were looking for the information shop we came across a beautiful craft shop (just by accident she innocently says). After making a purchase we went to the Botanical Gardens which also houses a small Zoo which is absolutely free.

Thursday we went for a drive to the top of Mt Archer where we walked along a bush path to the lookout where you can see all of Rockhampton, after this we walked the track to the Fern tree Lookout. We then went for a drive to Yeppoon where we walked along the sea front and carried on to drive to Emu Park where we had a picnic lunch under shade as it was raining (still warm though)

We then drove home via the biggest Vinnies and Sam’s Warehouse I have ever seen. Very tiring day, we are staying in tomorrow and cleaning the caravan etc. Will let you know more later in the week.

Monday, May 21, 2012

More Photos of Cania Gorge , the Dam and surrounds

Cania Dam
Fern Tree Pool Walk

Two Storey Cave Walk

Cania Gorge Queensland

For the last week we have been at Cania Gorge Tourist retreat camp just outside Monto, and what a camp it is - the amenities block is beautiful (the best one I've seen so far) and the camp kitchen has got everything in it (you don't need to take anything with you if you are camping) they even have a full stove as well as two barbeques and toaster, kettle, pots and pans and cutlery and fridge and freezer plus tele to watch while you cook - awesome.
We followed some of the varied walks through the National Park and visited the Cania Dam as that is the only place you can get reception for your phone and internet.
It is a very peaceful relaxing site and we met some very friendly people. I was devastated to find Monto so changed from the last time we visited (about 20 years ago), talking to one of the locals she said that about three thousand people had walked off the land during the drought about 5 - 10 years ago and there is only approx 1000 people left around the area. I think the tourism from the Gorge and Dam help to keep them going as this is the nearest shopping town for food and drink.
We are now at Gracemere just out side Rockhampton and will be here for a week will let you all know how we get on later

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Camp Cooroora - Lake Macdonald

We went to have a look around Cooroy on Thursday a.m. and they have a lovely OP shop (St vinnies) and 2 great Bakeries and an IGA supa owned by Mel & Jill Luke who used to own Coolum. Found a cheap shop called "Gelignite Joes" and just had to go in and see if it was like Crazy Clarks - and it was. We then went on to Pomona to look at their Museum. What a fantastic place, it took us nearly 2 hours and that was rushing the last bit that was housed underneath the building. They have heaps of stuff and they are all so friendly. After lunch we went for a walk in the forest looking for the fishing platform but when we got to the dam wall that was far enough for me so we came back.
Friday we went toTewantin and Noose heads - wow that has really changed - it's been about 15 years since we went for a proper look. In the afternoon Stephen went fishing on the Dam.
Saturday we went to a craft and woodworking show in Cooroy and then to the Noosa Botanic Gardens which are located at the other side of Lake Macdonald where we are staying. we had morning tea there. Stephen went fishing on the Dam back at the camp in the afternoon.
It really is a beautiful place to camp and we have met some lovely people here.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Broadwater - Gold Coast

Well no pictures of this camp spot but we stayed there for a week and two days all together. We have had an arm replaced on the roll out awning as we broke that one as soon as we got there on the Monday afternoon, fortuntely a wonderful caravan repairman came out at 5.30pm that night and fitted a new one. Several mishaps this week, firstly we flooded the toilet whilst we were filling the flush tank and the water was all over the caravan, tried to put the annexe up but failed miserably so threw it in its bag and packed it off to the daughters shed and we are travelling with the flyscreen pieces that we had made, much easuier.
We have had our portable solar panels mounted on the roof of the caravan and wired into the battery and also had a Gel battery fixed into the car to run the fridge so we don't have to keep taking it out and plugging it in (it's very heavy). We went to Super butchers and filled it up with good meat yesterday.
Thanks to our family for sharing Sunday with us it was good to see them all and the boys had a great day on the jumping castle, the swimming pool, the beach and fishing. Thanks to Elizabeth and Debs for coming to dinner on Tuesday and bringing me the special Mother's Day present that only I am allowed to drink (four bottles of red wine).
Will miss all of you but there is always skype and the telephone when we have power.
We have now arrived at Lake McDonald near Cooroy - It's a Scout Camp that also takes in Campers. It is beautiful and quiet and Stephen is going to be doing some fishing as we are here for another five days.
For all the campers out there it is no 170 in Camp 5 book and well worth a visit but it seems to have a lot of mozzies so bring insect repellant.
Will let you all know how we get on.