Monday, July 1, 2013

Alice Springs

Alice Springs is the gateway to the East and West MacDonnell Ranges, we didn't visit them this time as we were only staying 5 nights and visited all the attractions that Alice has to offer. Our first stop was the National Transport Hall of Fame and we spent nearly all day there, there was so much to see.
Next day we visited Anzac Hill, Adelaide House (the first hospital in the territory) the old Hartley street School (were they still take todays pupils for lessons the old way). Next was Emily Gap and Jesse Gap and the old Stuart Town Gaol. Lastly we visited the OlivePink Botanical Gardens unusual gardens as these were desert gardens - very pretty area.
We have now decided it is too cold to go straight down the middle and are heading back to Queensland tomorrow. We are going home to see our family for a few weeks as we miss them.

This beautiful metallic structure caught my eye

Think this car has been here a while as the tree has grown through the middle

Views from Anzac Hill

Emily Gap

Jesse Gap

Adelaide House - The first Hospital in the Northern Territory

Olive Pink Botanical Gardens

Hope you like the photos