Saturday, May 12, 2012

Camp Cooroora - Lake Macdonald

We went to have a look around Cooroy on Thursday a.m. and they have a lovely OP shop (St vinnies) and 2 great Bakeries and an IGA supa owned by Mel & Jill Luke who used to own Coolum. Found a cheap shop called "Gelignite Joes" and just had to go in and see if it was like Crazy Clarks - and it was. We then went on to Pomona to look at their Museum. What a fantastic place, it took us nearly 2 hours and that was rushing the last bit that was housed underneath the building. They have heaps of stuff and they are all so friendly. After lunch we went for a walk in the forest looking for the fishing platform but when we got to the dam wall that was far enough for me so we came back.
Friday we went toTewantin and Noose heads - wow that has really changed - it's been about 15 years since we went for a proper look. In the afternoon Stephen went fishing on the Dam.
Saturday we went to a craft and woodworking show in Cooroy and then to the Noosa Botanic Gardens which are located at the other side of Lake Macdonald where we are staying. we had morning tea there. Stephen went fishing on the Dam back at the camp in the afternoon.
It really is a beautiful place to camp and we have met some lovely people here.

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