Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back Home at Ormeau

My Grandson Owen's Birthday Card
Card made whilst at Cania Gorge
Card made whilst at Cania Gorge
Queens's Park on the Burnett River
James Blundell

I was very lazy last week and kept forgetting to post anything about Bundaberg or Bargara, I didn't even take a picture of the camp, but you can always look at it on the net just type in "Absolute Ocean Front Tourist Park" and it will come up. I have managed to make four cards while I have been travelling but only remembered to take a picture of three of them. I have enjoyed this week at Bargara as a very dear friend of mine lives at this park and I got the chance to spend a week with her. Stephen and I walked every morning for three quarters of an hour then had breakfast ( that woke me up). We visited the Shalom markets in Bundaberg they are ususally teeming with all sorts of craft and produce but this week because of the rain there weren't that many stalls , but I did manage to find some purple carrots (been wanting to try them for ages) so brought them home with me - we are having them with dinner tonight. We also visited a small park in Bundaberg on the Burnett river down by the Mater Hospital - great for fishing and having BBQ's. On Sunday afternoon we went to a free James Blundell concert for over 50's given by Palm Lakes Resort in Bargara - he was awesome.
Monday we packed up and decided to try a free camp at Tiaro (back of the hotel) it was a mess - the council had the roads up and half the park cordoned off so the rest had about 5 caravans in and the ground was full of ruts and it was a hike to the toilets.
So we thought we'd try the free camp at Bauple - that was clean neat and tidy but in the middle of the village next to the main road with no shade or toilet acces you had to walk to the nearby communtiy hall complex and the toilets were at the back of the scout hall - not good when you need to go quickly.
So we ended up travelling through to get to Victoria's by 4pm. I think the boys were glad to see us as Victoria said when she came round the corner they both screamed at the top of their voices Nanna and Pop are back and nearly jumped out of the car whilst it was still going.
We have spent today getting sorted out and are going to the Caravan and Camping Show in Brisbane tomorrow.
That's it for now

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