Thursday, June 6, 2013

Darwin - Capital of the Northern Territory

Darwin is a medium sized city, very vibrant and up market. It has lots of sidewalk cafes and eateries and bars, coupled with extremely tall hotels it was not what I expected. There are 2 public toilets on the esplanade and one I found on Stokes Hill Wharf. When we were shopping in the middle of the city we couldn't find any toilets at all ( and we did ask people) We ended up having to go out of the city to Bunnings (as everyone knows they have toilets inside). Not my kind of city but still enjoyed all the things that we visited. We spent one week and a day in a caravan park just outside of the city at Virginia which is just lower than Palmerston. Whilst we were there a lady with dementia went missing in the Virginia area and the Police and volunteers were out in force trying to find her (even mounted police) but alas after 5 days they stopped searching and no one has found her yet. We visited the Humpty Doo pub for lunch on the Sunday - very popular and there were three young ladies working behind the bar who were excellent, really enjoyed this.
We took a lot of photos so I am going to split them so that this post will not be too long.

One part of Darwin harbour
Plaque on Stokes Hill Wharf remembering those that died in the Bombing of Darwin

Another plaque on Stokes Hill Wharf

Sweetheart (name of croc as came from the sweet river area)  the only exhibition we are allowed to photograph in the museum

Front of the museum building

Fanny Bay Gaol - the Infirmary and the hanging place

A cell

Maybe we should show naughty children this picture?

Inside the Gaol between Block A and Block B
Charles Darwin National Park - Part of this park was used as an ammunition storage area during the war and large bunkers were built into the sides of the hills all of which are still there.

This one is open to the public to show what types of artillery were used

Stephen checking everything out

View from the lookout - you can just see Darwin in the background

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