Sunday, May 26, 2013

Adelaide River

We have had a lovely stay at the showgrounds and everyone has been friendly and kind. We went to the restaurant for a meal last night - Barra and chips and salad - very good meal and excellent quality and quantity we were also able to buy a bottle of wine.

The Restaurant and Bar Area at the AR Showgrounds

The Swimming Pool

Powered sites next to the track
The track area
The  rest of the photos are of places we have visited whilst staying at the Showgrounds

The entrance to the Adelaide River War Memorial Cemetery - Paying homage to all the people who were killed in the bombing of Darwin Feb 1942
Inside the War memorial Cemetery - the youngest in this cemetery was 16 years old - a cabin boy on one of the ships in the harbour

Remember the bull from Crocodile Dundee - this is supposed to be the actual Bull stuffed and mounted on the bar of the local pub in Adelaide River.
Robin Falls at Adelaide River

Another shot of the falls - you can reach these falls after walking and climbing over rocks along the side of the creek for about 20minutes but well worth the walk.

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  1. Hi!!! Just got your package the other day at work. Not sure why it got redirected there but it did and *finally* turned up. Thank you so much. The photos and the letter were wonderful, and I will take the piccies along with the other bits and pieces down to Sale in July.

    Glad to see you're having such a great time. Hopefully will be here in Brissie when you're back for the holidays otherwise I will do my best to meet up with you on your travels for a visit :)

    Love ya!
    Kandis and the boys.