Friday, August 24, 2012

Herberton Historical Village

We visited Herberton Historical Village whilst we were at Malanda and what a day out that was. Beautiful old buildings lovingly restorted and some great engines that had been restored to full working order. We took a few photos but they don't do the place justice. Well worth a look.

I think Stephen wanted to take this car home

The Singer Sewing House

Machinery Shed

The Tin Pannikin Pub
Our next visit was to the Gallo Dairyland just outside of Atherton where they make their own gorgeous cheeses and chocolates. You can taste test both of them and we ended up buying a piece of Brie and some individual chocolates. Yummy

This  very colourful cow stands in the entrance

This next photo is me on the internet in the top left hand corner of the Malanda Caravan park as this is where the signal was the strongest.

While we were at Malanda our Caravan decided to spring a leak from the Four seasons hatch over our bed . We made a quick phone call to Retreat who manufactured the caravan and told them where we were and where we were going next. They then arranged for us to take the caravan to a repairer in Cairns to have a look at it. so this was our next stop before arriving at "Lake Placid Caravan Park" Cairns.

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