Friday, August 17, 2012

Malanda Falls Caravan Park

On Friday 10th August we set off for Malanda Falls Caravan Park near Atherton. We had heard that it was ok and it was also very cheap only $22 a night for a powered site. It is a large acreage site and you can pick your own sites and they also have drive through sites for larger caravans. The amenities are clean and very tidy although they are older, The managers of the site are very helpful and friendly. Those that wish too can help to feed the calves and there are chucks and ducks and roosters and also they grow some vegetables and fruits. The area is home to the Tree Kangaroo which unfortunately I did not see even though I did all the rainforest walks I could. I did however see my first Platypus in the wild.

The next day we visited Yungaburra - very quaint old town and on the way we saw a huge curtain fig tree.

The curtain fig tree

Yungaburra main street

The next day was falls day - we tried to visit as many of the falls in the area and take pictures . some of them were incredible.

Malanda Falls
The caravan site is to the left of this picture up three flights of steps and the rainforest walks are to the right of this picture up two flights of steps.

Millaa Millaa Falls

Ellinja Falls

Mungalli Falls

These are a small set of falls on the side of the highway. Cannot tell you their name or why they are there as some vandal has scratched all over the information  until it was unreadable. Unbelievable!!

Zillie Falls
We also spent quite some time shopping in Atherton as we had to pass through it to other places. it has a wonderful Target Country and Big W and I found a great craft shop with everything for Cardmaking and scrapbooking to quilting , crocheting and embroidery.

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  1. Hi mum and dad,

    I see what you mean about the photographer's dream, looks beautiful!

    That's awesome that you saw a platypus!! I didn't realise how little they were until I saw one in the wild. They're so cute.

    Love you,