Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mission Beach

And what a beach that is, absolutely gorgeous , very warm with a slight breeze. We spent many hours walking along the shores.

We stayed at the Hideaway Holiday Village - gorgeous camp but they really packed us in. Dennis came to sing again one night  so we had a great concert for free and lots of us got up dancing. Very enjoyable.

The visitor information centre across the road holds  tropical fruit tasting sessions twice a week so we visited this one day and spent a lovely hour and a half being shown some unusual fruits and tasting them. Well worth the $4 each it cost and very well presented.

We went in to Tully to have a look around and took a couple of photos especially of the big wellington boot, Tully is the wetest town in australia and was awarded the Golden Gumboot. We also took a picture of the sugar mill across theroad from the Gumboot. Seems everywhere we go there is a sugarmill

This pictures was taken from the top of the Golden Gumboot

 There are some beautiful walking tracks in the rainforests around Mission beach and we sampled a few of them.

Lacey Creek Forest Walk - 2.5 klms - we both did this one

The next day Stephen did the Bicton Bill walk alone as I wanted to make some cards. When he returned he said it was a good job he was on his own as it went straight up and would have played havoc with my knees.

Licuala Walking Track - the shortened version of this was 6 klms there and 6 klms back - we both did this. I am very proud that I managed to do this as it was not easy going.

There are many more walks that you can go on but we ran out of time to do them as we were only there for one week. We also visited, Kurrimine Beach, South Mission Beach, Wongaling Beach, Tully Heads Beach and Hull Heads beach, as well as looking around Innisfail, they were all beautiful in there own right but you could still see some of the devastation that Cycolne Yasi did.

We left Mission Beach on Thursday morning 9th August early and set off for Paronella Park.

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