Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chaffey Dam

Chaffey Dam is approx 45klms se of Tamworth and is such a beautiful spot. They charge $5 per car or $2 each per night and there are toilets, showers ($1 each) and drinking water.We are camped by the side of the dam and Stephen just has to walk to the water's edge to fish. Which he has been doing every day. We were going to stay for 2 nights but it is so beautiful and sunny and warm that we are staying approx 6 nights before moving on towards Moree.

We went to Nundle yesterday and visitied Hanging Rock Lookout and then found out there was a quilt shop there which I am going back to visit Saturday morning to see if I can get a Sun Bonnet Sue Pattern.

Today we visited Tamworth to do all our food shopping and get my prescriptions, such a large place, didn't expect it to be this big and have all the shops that are usually associated with other larger towns.Also visited my Daughters house that is being built there and took a picture for her. Funny that the plasterers are from Brisbane. They told us that they bring all the plaster and stay there while they do the house and are still cheaper than local builders - doesn't figure does it.

Fishing on Chaffey Dam at 7.40am

Hanging Rock Lookout

Another view from Hanging Rock Lookout

2nd fish of the day (Carp)

First fish of the day which was actually larger than the second, it is just the way the picture was taken
Hopefully he will catch something we can eat as carp asre not for eating. There is a water skiing event here on Saturday so that should be fun to see.

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