Friday, March 1, 2013

Dumaresq Dam

Well we are still at Dumaresq Dam just outside Armidale, the weather everywhere is either raining, blowing a gale or on fire so we decided to stay in this very picturesque place and wait until the bad weather went away.
We have been here for 11 days and have managed to fix some small anomalies on the caravan. we have found out why we are always thinking we have lost water (it's because the tanks didn't fill up in the first place) we also found out that a breather hole in the filler pipe has been filled in by the manufacturers instead of leaving it open and connecting to the overflow pipes (that's another one we will fix) then the tap between the two gas bottles broke so we had to fit another one, some of these are minor but if we were moving we would not have had the time to fix them.
We still need to give the wheels a check over which we will do before we move anywhere.
We went to Tamworth last Saturday just for a look. Nice town and lovely people

Tamworth - The Big Guitar

The Camp area at Dumaresq Dam

Dumaresq Dam

Picnic Area at the Dam

The weather at the Dam has been extremely changeable but we are high and dry and in no fear of flooding and can get into town for any things that we need. There have been some extremely hot days when I have had to put on sunscreen as I thought I was going to burn but there have been some very wet days too but we still love it here.

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