Monday, March 25, 2013

Moving On

We left Chaffey Dam on Monday 18th March and travelled to Narrabri and stayed overnight at the Showgrounds ( cost $18 for a powered site and toilets and showers). The toilets and showers were basic but adequate if you needed them ( I preferred to shower in the van). The next day we travelled to Moree and booked in at the Gwydir Carapark (for 7 days) as it has thermal pools and you can go in them all day everyday from 7am to 10pm at night. Stephen wanted to try them for his bad back and painful knee, they did help but we stopped going in them after 4 days as I got a case of what we think was flu but it left me with sinusitis and it is taking a long time to go away.
We visited Warialda a small  town nearby and had a lovely lunch in the bakery, we then carried on to Bingara as this was another small town that I wanted to see. Both of them have empty stores and it is a wonder that any of these small towns are thriving as they rely on tourism a lot more these days than a few years ago.
Stephen has also been fishing in the Mehi river which runs through Moree and unfortunately all he seems to catch lately are Carp which we cannot eat and we have to kill as they are considered to be a pest.
It is our last night in Moree and we are going to the local pub for dinner. There is an old plane from Papua New Guinea outside the pub and I think you can go inside and have a look, will see later.

HF Batterham Memorial Lookout Bingara

Papua New Guinea Air Service Plane outside the Amaroo Tavern in Moree

Gwydir Carapark - this is only a small section - this park is huge and has lots of cabins and different types of sites

The thermal pools - there are four of them degrees are 34,35,37,39 and there is a lap pool too.

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