Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday 20th July 2012

The Travellers Rest Carvan Park at Midge Point is beautiful even in the rain and it is so peaceful, we are having a very relaxing stay here and will be sad to leave on Monday. Yesterday the sun was out when we visited Airlie Beach and Cedar Creek Falls and today the forecast is for more sun. We were walking along the beach at 7am this morning although it was a little chilly we enjoyed it tremendously. All this walking and I'm still not losing weight (must be eating too much or having too many happy hours).

This is Stephen feeding wild Lorikeets who were sheltering under our awning from the torrential rain we had at Clairview.

This is a Black Cockatoo (I hadn't seen one this close before) who was gate crashing a "Big Morning Tea" we were at on Weds in Midge Point. We had a great time and Stephen won the Botchee (not sure if that is the correct spelling as never heard of the game before) game and we received a Bottle of Muscat Liquer, three glasses a jar of Olives and a box of crackers - we only need the cheese and we have a Gourmet's delight. We won a couple of other small items too.

The entrance to the Travellers Rest Caravan Park - as you can see it had been raining on this day.

Sign welcoming you to Proserpine

Proserpine Museum on the road into the town

Proserpine is a beautiful little town and has a small Woolworths and a large Supa IGA owned by the Faust family. This is a gorgeous store, very clean and tidy and all the assistants were extremely friendly and helpful. Lots of other stores on the main street through town plus several Pubs.

Airlie Beach

Yachts and boats moored off the beach at Airlie

Cedar Creek Falls in between Proserpine and Airlie Beach
We went for a drive yesterday to Airlie Beach - the sun was out and the sky was blue. We played spot the older person for most of the morning as Airlie seemed to be all young backpackers everywhere. We walked along the front for approx 2 metres and heard four languages none of which was English. Seemed to be plenty of tourists about like us but these were a lot younger. We had morning tea on the beach and then went for a drive to Cedar Creek Falls. These are stunning and some people were swimming in the pool at the bottom but Stephen dipped his toe in and said it was freezing. We had lunch there then on the way back we popped in to Proserpine for a large Mozzie Candle as there seems to be quite a lot at the Camp site.By the time we arrived back at Midge Point it had rained and all my washing was wet. Never mind have just put it out again today.

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  1. Don't be too worried about the number on the scales. It might be a combination of things - quantity of foods, what foods you're eating when and yeah that enjoyable happy hour. But I would almost put money on it that you have lost cm off your measurements. If you want to get a better idea of the positive impact of all the walking take your measurements then do it again in a months time and so on.

    Also - just remember how much stamina you had when you first started compared to now :) It's all an improvement and it means you can enjoy this awesome adventure you're on all that much more!

    Definitely looking forward to seeing you when you get back down this way again.

    Love to you both