Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday July 4th

This is the view from our caravan - every morning we sit out and have a cuppa before deciding what we are doing for the day.

This is the entrance to "the Absolute Ocean Front Caravan Park" it is only a small park but always friendly and full of interesting people from all over Australia.

We went for a drive today to vist "The Fred Haig Dam" at Lake Monduran and it was a beautiful day. This Dam is located approximately 20klms out of Gin Gin - which is another cute town with a great Historical Village.

This is the centre of Mount Perry -
For years the Leopard AS1 main battle tank has played an important role in the Australian Defence Forces' work around the world. But now the time has come for the Leopards to retire, with the ADF introducing the M1-A1 Abrams main battle tank as its replacement in the field.
But the decommissioned Leopards haven't just been sent to the junkyard - rather, they've been given a fresh lick of paint and gifted to RSLs around the country, to go on display.
Mount Perry is one of only six Queensland towns to be granted a Leopard tank, and it can now be seen sitting proudly over the road from the town's existing war memorial.
The local Dingle family provided the money for the concrete slab for the tank to be placed on.

This is the lookout at Mt Perry which is approx half an hour out of Gin Gin.

On the way back to Bargara we called at a friends daughter's house for a cuppa as she lives in Gin Gin and she made us very welcome.

Not planning anything for tomorrow as we are going to relax all day.

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  1. I love your view to have a cuppa in front of - when can I come up?
    How does the caravan cope with the colder weather? Do you have the air-con on full heat or does it hold the heat well?
    Where to next?
    Love you,