Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday 23rd July 2012

We went to Bowen on Saturday and I managed to find a lovely hairdresser who cut my hair perfectly so if you are ever in Bowen look for Quick Cuts (it is on the same street as the IGA store but the opposite side).Bowen is of course where they made the film "Australia" and you can see the pier that the cattle ran down to the ship as it is still there. We were so amazed the the streets are exceptionally wide but the stores are haphazard and you have to walk a long way to find the ones you want. But hey the exercise is good for you.

Bowen Sea front

Horseshoe Bay

From the Lookout at Flagstaff Hill

The other side of the lookout at Flagstaff Hill

The Big Mango just out side Bowen at the Tourist Information Centre
We had a lovely day at Bowen and then came back to Midge Point for dinner. On Sunday we stayed at the campsite and did some cleaning and washing and lo and behold we got a lovely surprise in the afternoon when Ernie and Margaret came and stayed for one night to see us as they were travelling through to their rellies up north. i didn't realise how much I missed everyone from home - it was so good to see them. We had dinner together and Skyped the kids for a chat as Margaret wanted to see how Deb's was getting over the tonsilitis. Then this morning they had to leave - never mind will probably be able to catch up with them again either at Townsville or Cairns before they have to go back.
We are moving on tomorrow but not too sure where we are staying next between Townsville and Cairns there is such a lot to see.

I managed to make these two Birthday cards whilst we were at Clairview as it was raining really hard there and we had to stay inside the van.

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