Thursday, October 25, 2012


We travelled to Takaraka Bush Resort at Carnarvon across 18ks of dirt road. We had to take it easy as there were several creek crossings and some had water in them, but not a lot. On this road we came upon a young family with a little boy 2 years old who had burst a tyre( the car not the little boy) and they couldn't get their jack under the car to raise it so we stopped to help. The little boy looked hot so as I had some ice pops in the freezer we sat and had one each. We then carried on to the resort, situated on the side of Carnarvon creek and booked in to a wonderful looking camp whose amenities are spotless.We spent the rest of the first day looking round the surrounding creek area and visiting the camp lookout at sunset

The entrance to the camp, you still have one creek crossing to do.

One of the locals

Carnarvon Creek at the back of the camp

Carnarvon Creek

Sunset from the camp lookout

Another view of sunset from the camp lookout

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