Thursday, October 11, 2012


We drove from Winton to Longreach and what a difference a couple of hours make, this is a thriving community with tourism as one of it's leading attractions. We went and took photos of the "Stockmans Hall of Fame" and Qantas museum but we really went there to do the river cruise on the Thompson River. The cruise was magnificent. We went down the river and then they turned round and we headed back into the sunset so everyone could take photos, then we had a three course meal on the banks of the river (white table cloths and lanterns) and also two men singing bush songs and reciting bush poetry. We had a great time. 
We also visited a friend of my daughters that used to work with her and is now living in Longreach.

Qantas museum

Stockman's Hall of Fame

Statue at the front
Brolgas that inhabit the caravan park

A Coolibah Tree
Travelling down the river

Travelling back up the river towards the sunset

The other tour people use a paddle boat - we were on one like the city cats in brisbane

the entertainment (they wrote most of their own songs)
 We only stayed three nights in Longreach and are now at Emerald where we are staying for another three nights.  We keep meeting people who we have met before at other camps and it is like seeing old friends as they go different ways to us and we discuss all they have seen and what we have seen.
We are really missing everyone especially our grandsons Owen and Jack but we did talk to them last night on Skype and it wont be long before we are back with them.

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