Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mount Isa

We travelled to Mt Isa to stay with friends for a few days and what a lovely time we had. Alison didn't let me cook one main meal while we were there and she made some beautiful food for us. Unfortunately we only had one complete day with Russell as he had to work. He works four on four off for the mine company.Still we enjoyed our time there and visited some unusual places as you will be able to see from the photos.

Inside the visitor information centre

The visitor Information centre

The underground hospital - next to the main hospital

This was an escape hatch in case the tunnels were blocked
A cupboard still full of crockery for use in the underground hospital

Beds in the tunnels

One of the old patients - no only kidding

A human skeleton used for training purposes

A tent house - Solid roof and frame the rest was canvas
View from the lookout towards Mount Isa

Another view from the lookout

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