Sunday, October 7, 2012


We drove from Mount Isa to Boulia,  stopping at Djarra for lunch in the Roadhouse and then carrying on we intended to stop at Boulia overnight but it was desolate and we couldn't see any signs for the caravan park so we carried on to Winton. It was a long day - we didn't arrive at Winton until 7pm it was almost dark and we just got settled in and had beans on toast for dinner then went to bed absolutely shattered. We won't be doing that again in a hurry.
The caravan park was ok but Winton seems to be a dying town unless you go there during muster times or specail festival times. There doesn't seem to be a lot to do as by the time you reach there you have seen all the fossils and done all the fossicking you want to do. So we just veged out for a day.

Entrance to the Matilda Country Tourist Park at Winton

Looking at the same building from the inside of the park

our site

one of the inhabitants of the park - a monitor lizard
One of the older buildings on the main street of Winton

Looking down the main street of Winton

Part of Arno's wall

Arno's wall from Arno's park

Another section of the wall, check out the sewing machine on the top of the wall
 This wall is made from all old pieces of equipment taken from the town dump and set in concrete by a gentleman call Arno - very ingenious

This is the musical fence which can be played with pieces of rubber tubing or metal tubing depending on what sound you want to make. There is also a drum kit made out of old peices of tin and other items for you to play.

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