Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Doing a quick hop to Darwin

We headed to Winton next and booked in to the caravan park that we stayed at last year (just for 2 nights)so that we could do all our washing, drying and ironing and whilst we were there we watched a show staged by two ladies  - it was a type of bush poetry with humour and songs  - very good.
We then went to Cloncurry for one night and this time we stayed at Wal's camp which was small and compact. The amenities were old but clean and it cost $28 a night. We were also able to catch up on our shopping at Woollies in Cloncurry etc.
Our next stop was Camooweal - one night only - spacious site behind the pub = but charged $30 per night. The amenities were old but clean. I had a good night's sleep but Stephen didn't (I sleep with ear plugs in) he was awake until just after 3am when the local aborigine's decided to finish there drinking party in the tennis courts next to the park.Nearly everyone was up.
While we were in Camooweal a gentleman told us about cheap fuel in Tennant Creek at the United Servo so we decided to make a 20k detour to pick some up (fuel was averaging 1.91 to 2.05 a litre)
What a lovely servo - cost of fuel was 1.65 a litre and they gave me a discount for being a pensioner and their white bread is great (bought a loaf). They also directed us to the best caravan park in Tennant Creek where there was no noise or trouble with the local inhabitants. We had a great nights sleep there and would go back again. This was $32 a night
We then decided to get to Darwin asap so we went as fast as we can and stayed in a free camp at the side of the road overnight on Monday No88 in camp 7 book called Warloch Rest Area. This has toilets and water but is only small and you have to get there early or not enough room especially if you are a large caravan. Also the toilets are drop ones and were very smelly when we were there.
Next day Tuesday 21st May we arrived at the Adelaide River showgrounds (a person at the Warloch rest area told us about this) Well this showgrounds puts all others to shame that we have seen so far. Very spacious sites, old but clean amenities, lovely people in charge , and the best ever in ground pool only to be used for campers and this is only $27 dollars a night so we are staying here for 6 nights and have just booked a site nearer to Darwin for a week after this. We will be exploring Litchfield National Park and Adelaide River whilst we are here
One of the servos in Camooweal

The caravan park at the back of the pub

The pub

Desolate buildings

NT Border just outside Camooweal

One of the fuel and caravan stops on the way

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