Friday, May 3, 2013

Next few stops

We ended up staying at Bargara for 3 weeks and one day as we had to have another Windscreen fitted and then 3 days after it was fitted the inside mirror fell off and we had to go back for them to fit it properly. But we left Bargara on Friday 26th April heading for a free camp at Moura but we never reached there that day, instead we stayed at Cania Gorge Tourist Retreat at Monto for 3 days and left there on Monday 29th April for Moura free camp by the Dawson River. It is a very large area run by the fishing club and volunteers from Moura. Clean toilets and showers (for $1 only), no water but plenty of taps in town.
When we were at Bargara Stephen bought a boat a flat bottomed punt) with a 4hp motor and life jackets and oars and an anchor and extra fuel. We decided to try it on the Dawson River at the side of the camp. I'm not a boaty person quite unsteady but really enjoyed the experience. The motor started first time (which surprised us) and then we puttered up and down the river for approximately half an hour, then had a break and then went on again, after that Stephen went by himself to do some trawling but he didn't catch anything.
We left there on Wednesday 1st May and we were heading for another free camp just outside Emerald but it was so small and packed with other caravans that we carried on towards Emerald and decided to stay in the Emerald Cabin and Caravan Village where we had stayed last year. We were going to stay at Lake Marabon but when we rang them to ask the price it was $38 per night and we are just not going to pay that much even for power and water.
Anyway we are here for a week as our Car has to have it's 57000klm service and the only time it can be fitted in is next Tuesday
Today (Friday) we went for a drive to Sapphire and Rubyvale - what a let down - nothing there really unless you want to go down a mine or buy sapphires etc, they had the odd trading post but what we found unreal was in between the two communitites on the main road in the middle of nowhere was a bottleshop (can't do without one). There wasn't even a park to sit and have lunch so we came back to the caravan park and had morning tea here.
When we leave here we will be heading towards Longreach then Mt Isa and on to Darwin (hopefully)
Will update report sometime next week if possible.

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  1. Hi mum and dad,
    I love the names of some of these places. Glad the boat didn't sink. I had images of buckets and tupperware containers as you attempted the first journey.
    Love you