Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lloyd Jones Weir - Barcaldine

Our next stop was just about 5 ks outside of Barcaldine at the Lloyd Jones Weir, this is a free camp but they do ask for donations.There is a 1k dirt road to access the camp

This is quite a large area for camping and has clean flushable toilets, a dump point and fresh water making this an ideal spot to relax next to the river.We got there on Thursday and left on Monday. Stephen spent most of the time fishing and I spent most of the time crocheting and doing crosswords although I did manage to scrapbook 2 pages in an album I am trying to finish.
 Most of the river has no water but the part at the weir where the camp is still has water and there are fish in there but we only caught small ones which we threw back.We thoroughly enjoyed being there and it was so relaxing.
Kangaroos going for water in the late afternoon

Stephen putting his nets in to catch freshwater prawns to use as bait

The view of the camp from the other side of the river

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