Thursday, September 20, 2012


We left Malanda heading towards Charters Towers on the inland route, we were thinking of staying one night at the oasis Roadhouse near the Lynd Junction, but the park was full of Dongas for the roadworks people and they were charging $35 for a night with no TV, Phone or internet connections so we carried on to Greenvale and stayed at the Caravan park there. Although this was an older park the amenities are spotless and it makes a nice change to see people put flowers in vases in the amenities blocks. You could also pick your own spot, either down the back through the paddock (with power and water) or on a slab with power and water. The people were very friendly and helpful.
they had a board advertising a meal at the Country Club on a Friday night for $10 so we went to try it. What a great time we had, again very friendly people and they told us the history of Greenvale, it was a three course meal, we all sat down together at one long table and the drinks were $3 for beer and wine.
The town itself boasts an Olympic swimming pool , a pub, a caravan park, a servo 2 small shops and a craft shop, a seniors centre where they have craft days every weekend. They also boast that they have one of only four "Sausage Trees" in Australia. (Picture below)
We initially booked in for one night but stayed three - so relaxing. The owner offered Stephen a job but he declined.
The same day a gentleman drove in not feeling too well (all by himself) sweating out of breath and chest pains, and even though it was in the middle of nowhere they rang for an ambulance who came from Townsville and started to treat him on the spot for a heartattack. They had to get the chopper in to fly him to Townsville where they put him in the icu. When we left he was out of the icu and doing ok.
The inland road - The Kennedy Highway/Developmental Road was all red dirt and road works for at least 100ks. It took twice as long as it should have to get where we were going and by the time we got to Greenvale we were really tired. Would not advise anyone to use that road unless they have to or until they finish the roadworks.
windmills near Ravenshoe on the way to Greenvale

Greenvale Sausage Tree

We really enjoyed our time at Greenvale and will go back there if we are in the area again and highly recommend the stop at the Caravan Park to everyone.

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