Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sunday 23rd September

This is our last day in Charters Towers and what better way to spend it than on a "Texas Longhorn Wagon Tour" with Billy Tea and Damper.These tours are conducted by an extremely friendly and likeable Husband and Wife team called Michael and Lynda Bethel who also run Bethel Saddlery from "Leahton Park" their home.
We arrived at the homestead not knowing what to expect and finding a small group of american men one of whom served in the second world war and was stationed at Charters Towers. All of them had fathers who had been stationed at Charters Towers and were visiting to unveil a plaque to remember those who served and died during this time including several australians that flew with them. The eldest was a sprightly 93 year old who was having such a lot of fun.
We met the owners Mick and Lynda  and we started with an introduction by Mick about the Texas Longhorn and then had Tea and Damper - both made by Mick earlier that morning. Then we boarded the chuck Wagon and went for a ride across the prairie (fields) to see the steers and the water buffalos and the kangaroos, all the while mick is telling stories to us and answering any questions we might have.
Leahton Park is the home of a Texas Longhorn by the name of JR who holds the Guinness Book of Records Title for the Longest horns in the world.
This was a tour that I am glad we didn't miss and everyone visiting the area should take the time to see it.

Display Chuck Wagon

Texas Longhorn Steer

JR whose Horns are the Longest in the World

Another Steer

Yet another steer

Water Buffalo

The covered wagon we rode in 

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  1. It looks really dry out there. Are they still in drought?
    The horses on that wagon look really good too.