Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Long time no post

 We flew home to Brisbane for the weekend on 31st August as it was my daughters birthday, her husbands birthday, my birthday and fathers day all in one weekend. And we missed everyone. We had a great time
From left to righ - Harley (a friends son) Owen and Jack our precious grandsons

Waiting for food to arrive in the local hotel

We have been without internet access for a while, hence no posts and this will be a long one with pictures. Our last adventure in the Cairns area was to Cooktown. We went in the morning early as it was a three and a half hour drive. We lunched in the botanic gardens and walked along the front to the gun powder storage area, we saw the Captain cook statue and read all the information about the beaching of the Endeavour and then we went to the Captain Cook Museum which we spent the longest time in and then we drove three and a half hours back to Cairns, but it was worth it

The harbour at Cooktown (not a good picture)

Captain Cook statue

View from Lighthouse lookout

The lighthouse - very sunny day
We left Cairns and headed back to Malanda for another week of rest and relaxation. We only did one long trek this week and it was to Chillagoe to see the caves. Imagine me caving. they were gorgeous and the photos do not do them justice. We also visited Haloran's hill lookout in Atherton and Mareeba Heritage centre and the town where I got my hair cut.
Trezkinn Cave

Chandalier Trezkinn Cave

Just to prove I did do the caves

View from the opening to theTrezkinn cave

Balancing Rock

Area around balancing rock

Royal Archway cave inhabitant (there were quite a few of these huntsman spiders in this larger cave)

Rock formation in one of the caves with small tree roots growing down from the surface

Larger tree roots growing down from the surface

Another stupendouse stalagtite (think that is the one that grows down)

Cows eat cars in FNQ ( Far North Queensland ) they breed them tough up here
Views from Halloran's Hill, Atherton

Another view from Halloran's Hill
Inside the Mareeba Heritage Centre

Love this Dunny with just the legs showing

The front of the Heritage and Visitor Information centre

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  1. I'm catching up on your blog :)
    These are some great photos and now I want to visit those caves :)
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