Saturday, September 22, 2012

Towers Hill lookout

Saturday 22/9/12 we visited Towers Hill Lookout and did some of the walking tracks there. We Saw the remains of several gold mines and there are lots of mine shafts but they are all fenced off so you can't hurt yourself. There are also world war two bunkers on the hill which you can visit and a seismagraph station. After this we went to the Miners Cottage in the middle of charters towers and watched a demonstration on panning for gold.
Then we visted the antique fair that was being held as part of their centenary celebrations and then home for lunch, after we visited the weir where Stephen caught a fish (on Thursday morning) called a grunter or black bream which he brought home and we are going to bbq soon.

The view from Towers Lookout at Charters Towers

Stephen at the top of the lookout

The Weir where Stephen caught the fish

Another view of the weir

Birds in the paddock next to the caravan rubbing their bodies in the dirt

More birds doing the same thing - approx 6 here

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