Wednesday, September 26, 2012


We left Charters Towers on Monday morning and decided to visit Hughenden. We booked in at the Carvan Park ( must say very reasonable rates, excellent facilities and drive through sites and council pool next door)and then proceeded to the Flinders Discovery Centre and Information Office. This houses a replica of the famous Muttaburrasaurus Dinosaur and a wide collection of fossils, they even have a touch table for children of all ages. The town isn't large but they seem to have everything that you need.
We purchased meat from the Flinders butchery and also bought groceries from the local food store as well as petrol and beer - all of which were not that much more expensive than anywhere else.

Replica Muttaburrasaurus Skeleton in the Flinders Discovery Centre

Pteradactyl sculpture on Main Street

Dinosaur sculpture on Library wall

Muttaburrasaurus statue just off main street

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