Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Places we visited in Cairns area

Here are some more pictures of places that we visited in the Cairns area

Copperlode Dame Lake Morris

Copperlode Dam
Kuranda Station

River Cruise Barron River, Kuranda

One of the inhabitants of the Barron River

Small bird making a nest in the lifejackets on the boat
Cairns front (mostly mudflats)

Cairns esplanade

Cairns boardwalk along the front
Ferry crossing the Daintree River to Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation from the lookout

A tree in the picnic area

Cape Tribulation Beach

One of the many Boardwalks in the Rainforest at Cape Tribulation

One of the Cafes in the Daintree Village
Barron Falls from Kuranda side

The Kuranda train stops so that people can get off and take pictures of the falls

Close ups of the falls

Barron Falls

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  1. Loving e pictres and reading about your adventures. I know you haven't got steady service at the moment but when you get a chance, update!! Need more pictures :)
    Love you,