Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Porcupine Gorge

Porcupine Gorge is a gealogical formation not unlike the Grand Canyon in America, and is approximately 60-70 kilometres from Hughenden. We visited a couple of places on the way as  per the visitor fact sheet and one of these was Eagle Hawk Gorge Lookout.

Unusual tree at the top of the lookout

Eagle Hawk Gorge

This is just to show that I climbed the hill to the top of the gorge lookout
We then proceeded to Porcupine Gorge Lookout which just takes your breath away, don't know if the photos will do it justice.

We then went to Porcupine National park Campground and walking track down to the bottom of the Gorge.It says in the brochures that the Gorge walk is 2.4klms - what it doesn't say is that it is straight down and then you have to climb back up.  the walk down seemed like 7klms and I was tired out by then, and extremely hot ( it was 38 degrees that day). Stephen did his best to placate me as I kept winging about not being able to get back up (he is so patient). He had to take his felt cowboy hat off and dunk it in the water to keep my head cool (worked a treat). the Gorge bottom is beautiful and has pools that you can swim in so Stephen had a dip. Then it was time to go back up. Oh my what a time I had I thought I was going to die, kept having to stop and take a breather, eventually we ran out of water so Stephen found me a shady place to rest while he ran back up to the car to get more water and lemonade for a sugar fix for me. The trip down took 30 minutes but the trip up took one and a half hours. Never again. We think it was the heat that caught me unawares as I have been doing ok with the walking and climbing.

A small pool at the bottom of the gorge

Pyramid Porcupine Groge

Stephen swimming in a pool at the base of the Pyramid


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  1. That pool looks amazing. You should have gone for a dip as well to help keep you cool on the walk back.
    Sounds like a hard climb on a really hot day! I think you did really well!