Saturday, September 22, 2012


We visited the small hamlet of Ravenswood about 100ks towards Townsville from Charters Towers, we will be remembering this one. Beautiful old buildings, very friendly and helpful people, not a lot there but if you are after peace and quiet for relaxation you can't beat it. they have an upper Caravan Park and the lower one is at the showground and it is only $70 a week and has toilets and I think power (will have to check that one out). Pictures below.
History of the town is gold mining then a slump when evryone left and now open cut mining has satrted again and brought a little prosperity to the town. The school is the oldest in queensland still being used.
We visited the cemetery so many childrens graves in the late 1800's it must have been a harsh time for all.
The ambulance station built approx 1908

The Thorpe Building  which now houses and arts and crafts store
The Imperial Hotel built 1902 - originally built in wood but when it burnt down they rebuilt in brick

The School of Arts Building -  built around 1880

The Roman Catholic Church

The Open Cut Mine being used today from the top of the lookout

The Courthouse and museum

The Post Office

The Railway Hotel built 190l

One of the mines

Miners Cottage built around 1889 and it is said they had 21 children in this house at one time

The outside dunny (Loo)

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